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Preventive Maintenance Less Downtime, Better Productivity

Whether you are a business of one, or the manager of a fleet of thousands, the safety and the reliability of your equipment is paramount.  As an equipment owner you are obliged to ensure that your devices are manintained as per the requirments of the original equipment manufacturer as well as regulated safety standards. Effective preventive maintenance programs reduce downtime and increase the longevity of your lifting equipment, and are also an integral component of an effective fleet safety program.  MxV has developed generic preventive maintenance programs that can be used for most types of lifting device, we can also work with you to develop a custom preventative maintance program for your equipment.  

Using MxV's Fleet Utility system you can record the results of all kinds of inspection and preventative maintenance activity using your computer, tablet or smart phone including daily inspections by equipment operators and quarterly, semi-annual and annual preventive maintenance activity by your mechanics or one of our vendor partners.  This information is then stored in the cloud and can be easily shared within your company and with third parties.  With Fleet Utility's extensive reporting and notification settings you can set up your system so that you get the information you need on your fleet in real time, as well as options to have daily, weekly or monthly summary reports delivered right to your inbox.