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Fleet Utility Web Based Inspection Software

Fleet Utility is MxV's flagship product for electronically carrying out and tracking inspection and testing of lifting devices, aerial devices and other fleet equipment.  It is a complete framework for fleet maintenance developed to be compliant to national standards by experts in the field.

Instant Access to Test Results

When MxV or one of its certified partners carries out any kind of inspection or test on your equipment the results get uploaded and stored in Fleet Utility.  Access to test results is instant via any device with a web-browser and an internet connection.  You can even use Fleet Utility to track you own inspection and preventive maintenance activies.  

Easily Share Data

With Fleet Utility sharing is easy.  You can setup multiple accounts for your organization and share data with fleet managers, maintnenance techinicans and equipment operators.  You can also share data with your clients, so they can easily verifiy the status of your fleet.  Your maintenance records are also avaliable to our Enigneers or any of our certified partners when it comes in for preventative maintance or annual structural inspections.  We also use 2D barcode technology so that anybody can get inspection summaries just by scanning the code on the crane with their smart phone, this makes it easy for health and safety representatives to verify the status of your equipment on the ground.

Notifications and Reporting

Fleet Utility has numerous reporting capabilities.  It can be configured to notify you of any deficiencies found during inspections, send you copies of certifications as soon as they are released by our Engineering team and to send you reminders of upcoming inspections.  You can also log on to see the real time status of the inspection and preventive maintenance activity performed on your fleet.