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BC Hydro closes apparatus testing facility to line contractors

Testing to CSA C225 approved

November 01 2012

In a letter dated October 4th, 2012 BC Hydro's Michael Smith (Area Manager, Stations) formally annonouced a change in policy for testing standards for line contractors vehicles.  The letter confirms that line contractors shall no longer be required to carry out testing in accordance with BC hydro's internal OHS 405 standard but instead testing in accordance with CSA C225 shall be accepted.  At the same time it was announced that effective Novemeber 1st, BC Hydro will stop offering periodic dielectric testing at its apparatus testing facility for line contractors or third party owned vehicles.  

MxV's president, Mathew Smith, welcomed this news, "MxV's policy has been to not carry out testing in accordance with OHS 405 unless specifically requested by a client due to the potential for damage from the required 500 kV surface test on all booms (even those rated for just 46 kV). In 2011 we met with BC Hydro to explain our concerns with this test methodology, we were aware that change was coming and are glad that we could be a small part in this big change."