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Our Company

MxV Engineering Inc. is a company specializing in developing web based-applications for real world problems.  Our core focus is systems related to material handling equipment and utility fleets.  We have a diverse set of talents at our disposal including mechanical, materials and welding Engineers, material handling specialists and software developers.  We are based in British Columbia, Canada.

At MxV Engineering Inc. we are always looking for ways to do things better.  In late 2007 we were approached by one of Canada’s biggest retailer of truck-mounted material handling equipment.  They had a problem keeping up with demand for inspection and testing services; MxV’s solution was to completely revolutionize the way these services are offered.  With our innovative training programs and state of the art online systems we were able to carry out inspections and tests  on large volumes of equipment, while effectively tracking deficiencies and offering unsurpassed turnaround times for engineered documentation and reporting.  

With our flagship product Fleetutility we are changing the game again.  Fleetutility is more than just a tool for carrying out regulatory inspections and preventive maintenance.  It is a complete framework for fleet maintenance developed to be compliant to national standards by experts in the field.  Fleetutility takes data from multiple sources including equipment vendors, certified inspectors, mechanics and end users and places it all in one central location.  Fleetutility makes it easy to share this information within your company and with third parties.  Fleetutility tracks reported deficiencies and gives you real time data on the status of your fleet.  

MxV is always looking to expand its horizons and seeks avenues for growth.  Our software is agile and can be easily adapted for new industrial applications.  We relish challenges and love working on new problems.  We want to hear from you so please do not hesitate to contact us.