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Dielectric Testing

MxV Engineering offers periodic dielectric testing on insulated aerial devices and related accessories to the requirements of CSA C225 and ANSI/SIA A92.2.  We operate two indoor facilites, one in Surrey, BC and one in Prince George, BC for testing units rated at up to 138 kV.  We also offer outdoor testing for units rated at up to 500 kV and mobile testing services for customers in remote locations.  

We are a BC Hydro approved safety service shop and our tests are in full compliance with the requirements of the BC OHS regulations as governed by WorkSafeBC.

Crane Inspection

MxV offers certified structural inspections for all kinds of lifting devices including: mobile cranes (knuckle boom, stiff boom and lattice booms), aerial devices, tower cranes, container cranes and manlifts.  We also offer certified mechanical, electrical and operational inspections for mobile equipment through our growing network of partner facilities.  

Our inspections are carried out by techinicans certiifed to CSA W178.2 for visual welding inspection and both CGSB & ASNT standards for non-destructive testing in full accordance with the requirements of regulated crane safety standards.  We have inspectors based in the Lower Mainland, Prince George and Nanaimo and we inspect and certify in excess of 800 units every year.

Stability Testing

When a mobile crane is installed stability testing is required to ensure that there is enough counterweight to allow the crane to pick at its structurally rated capacity. Stability tests are also useful in proving out the mounting of a crane i.e. that the unit has suitable mounting bolts and an approriate sub-frame.   As such regulated standards require that every mobile crane sold in North America be stability tested in accordance with SAE J765 (1990) before being put into service.  

MxV Engineering offers third party stability testing of mobile cranes and if required develops custom load charts for non-stable units.  We can also develop load charts for non-standard outrigger configurations e.g. mid-span or zero-span charts.  In the past four years we have stability tested and certified in excess of 1500 mobile cranes. 

For retailers of mobile lifting equipment we also offer training on stability testing methods.  This allows equipment vendors to carry out testing on the units they build, then submit the results to us for review and certification via our Fleet Utility system.    

Preventive Maintenance

In combination with annual structural inspections effective preventive maintenance programs are required to ensure the safe operation of lifting equipment and aerial devices.   Let MxV work with you to develop a custom preventative maintance program for your equipment based on the requirments of the original equipment manufacturer, occupation health and safety regulations and national safety standards.  Our Fleet Utility system allows you to easily track preventive maintenance activity and share this information with our engineers when it comes time for annual certification.  

Too busy to do your own preventive maintenance?  No problem.  MxV Engineering works closely with some of the biggest vendors of mobile lifting equipment to offer fully compliant periodic inspection programs for cranes and aerial devices.  All preventative maintenance activites are carried out by skilled mechanics to ensure your equipment is running at its optimum. 

Fleet Utility

Fleet Utility is MxV's flagship product for carrying out electronic inspections of lifting devices, aerial devices and other fleet equipment.  It is a complete framework for fleet maintenance developed to be compliant to national standards by experts in the field. 

Fleet Utility takes data from multiple sources including equipment vendors, certified inspectors, mechanics and end users and places it all in one central location.  Fleet Utility makes it easy to share this information within your company and with third parties.  Fleet Utility tracks reported deficiencies and gives you real time data on the status of your fleet.  

Welcome to MXV

Innovative Solutions for Equipment Safety

MxV Engineering Inc. is an engineering company providing specialty services for material handling equipment and utility fleets.  We have a diverse set of talents at our disposal including mechanical, materials and welding Engineers, material handling specialists and software developers.  We are based in British Columbia, Canada.

At MxV Engineering Inc. we are always looking for ways to do things better.  In late 2007 we were approached by one of Canada’s biggest retailer of truck-mounted material handling equipment.  They had a problem keeping up with demand for inspection and testing services; MxV’s solution was to completely revolutionize the way these services are offered.  With our innovative training programs and state of the art online systems we were able to carry out inspections and tests on large volumes of equipment, while effectively tracking deficiencies and offering unsurpassed turnaround times for engineered documentation and reporting.  

MxV is always looking to expand its horizons and seeks avenues for growth.  Our software is agile and can be easily adapted for new industrial applications.  We relish challenges and love working on new problems.  We want to hear from you so please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have offices in Surrey and Prince George, British Columbia.